Professional and training programs

Training is at the forefront of the strategic plans of business organizations; therefore, preparing for outstanding training is a priority for all entities as it requires considerable potential, competencies and expertise in this field. Out of the interest of the European University of Modern Sciences to adopt the training policy in various fields (management, health, technology, languages, etc.), has signed a cooperation agreement with the International Academy of Management and Real Estate Sciences in Dubai ( The Academy works according to the permission of the Knowledge and Human Development Authority in Dubai ( in order to spread the culture of professional training for developing human resources and the companies to achieve an international renaissance at the service and industrial levels.

The university is keen to hire professional and qualified trainers at the highest level of competence, capable to use the best and latest tools and activities to reach the most successful learning strategies, and to adopt effective ideas in the field of professional development and training. In addition, the university is interested in creating better work sites, for spreading developed concepts and a distinguished atmosphere that takes into consideration the quality of Rehabilitation and Training.

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Evaluate the training process objectively in all aspects
  • The participants in the evaluation:

1- Administrative staff.

2- Co-workers.

3- Managers/Supervisors.

4- Trainers.

5- Clients.

  • Evaluation factors:

1- Training material.

2- Skills development.

3- The practical ability to practice skills.

4- Attitude (Behavior and knowledge).

5- Efficiency (know-how).

6-The ability to communicate effectively.

7-Interaction with co-workers, administrators, and clients.

8-Interaction with other stakeholders.

Re-evaluation of the training process after a period of application
  • Leadership level: Trust, mentoring, and Delegation.
  • Adaptation Level: Adapting to the surroundings / Creative Thinking skills.
  • Sociality Level: Make personal relationships within the team.
  • Performance level: Performing tasks efficiently and effectively.
  • Productivity level: Making decisions and achieving results.
  • Level of developing others: Developing individuals’ talent, and motivating them successfully.
  • Level of self-development: The ability to commit, strive and develop.
  • Communication Level: listening to others, dealing with information, and communicating efficiently.
Training Package:
  • Course bag contains a printed copy of the training material.
  • Certificate from the EUMS.
  • Training courses are implemented in well-equipped halls.

Training methodology include:

  • Lectures
  • Seminars.
  • Simulation
  • Case study.
  • Exercises.
  • All are designed and customized according to the training needs analyses of the trainees.


The programs are implemented by selected international training experts and professional faculty members.

as reminded according to the nature of the subject and the needs of the trainee gentlemen.


The programs are provided by a selection of international training experts and faculty specializing in professional training.

Professional Courses

We prepare professional courses in many fields: health, petroleum, industry, and environmental activities covering all professions that help productive activities and sustainable development.

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