Brest University (European University of Modern Sciences)

Building knowledge .. creating value

Our Vision

Spearheading university, one of the top five leading universities within the next five years, an academic, intellectual and professional leadership, in keeping with the needs of the market and business requirements, and producing and supporting the sustainable development to create the society of knowledge.

Our mission:

Providing advanced and high-quality educational programs, developing innovative knowledge and research and promote professional practice through an educational and practical environment that stimulates a qualitative and significant shift in the service of communities by education and scientific research.

International and Foreign Relations Office

The International and Foreign Relations Office is responsible for the dynamic activities of the EUMS, by the Coordinators of International and foreign Relations -in Europe, America, the Middle East, Africa, Russia, Kazakhstan and other countries.
The office aims to create partnerships and business relations with public and private universities, higher schools, research centers, and professional consulting and training centers. That comes in response to the increasing demand of individuals and international institutions acquiring the productive personal investment through; holding academic and professional certificates, professional and systematic international training, and the use of international experts and trainers.
In addition, the office provides consulting, researches, obtaining certificates of International Quality, and participating in annual and regular scientific conferences, aiming at developing productive and sustainable relationships with sturdy added value and experience.

About Brest University

The European University of Modern Sciences (EUMS), which best known as BREST, is one of the most successful private educational institutions that gives great interest to the value of knowledge. The university provides degrees and educational programs in various academic and professional disciplines, according to the needs of the market, matching the requirements of development and lifelong learning and contributing to building the economy and knowledge of society.

The BREST Education and Technology Group has unified several prestigious educational entities; universities, academies, colleges and research centers, and has formed an integrated scientific system under the umbrella of BREST. One of them, is the European University of Modern Sciences (EUMS), which is an edifice of the European higher education and has become an integral and complementary part of the system of educational institutions under the umbrella of the BREST Group.

The Brest University is keen the quality assurance of the educational outputs, and the selection of the best professors in order to develop creativity and the critical independent thinking. Consequently, that contributes to raising the quality of its graduates. The university has expanded with many educational centers in several regions according to the pre-approved plan.

European University of Modern Sciences (BREST)

EUMS is a private educational institution classified in the higher education, and internationally accredited in accordance with the laws of France and Europe. The university is recognized by a large number of international bodies specialized in international classifying of universities, as it meets the international standards of quality set by these bodies in many countries. The programs have been developed and measured in accordance with international standards of practice and knowledge in this area, accordingly, the University has been one of the most prestigious international universities.

The University offers academic and professional educational programs in many countries. International students from Europe, North America, Asia, Middle East, and Africa study at the university. All degrees and programs at the university are available in four languages: English, French, Arabic and Russian.

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